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7610.00: Advanced Chemistry Kit

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Advanced Chemistry Kit

Advanced Chemistry Kit Advanced Chemistry Kit Advanced Chemistry Kit

Product Details

Advanced Chemistry System - the perfect complement to the Basic Chemistry Kit

The Advanced Chemistry Kit was designed to enhance the potential of the General Chemistry Kit.

Used alongside the General Chemistry Kit, the Advanced Chemistry Kit allows users to perform all the experiments described in the Manuals and discover even more chemical reactions and chemistry techniques.

In only minutes students or teachers can set up several different organic, inorganic and analytic chemistry experiments.

The 33 experiments included in the Instruction Manual allow users to perform up to 113 experiments in association with the equipment in the General Chemistry Kit.

Laws and Principles Investigated

•Chemical and physical properties
•Boiling point
•Molecular interactions
•Change-of-state experiments
•Bronsted acids and bases
•Strong and weak acids
•Double exchange reactions
•Redox reactions
•Equilibrium constant
•Coordination complexes
•Acids and metals
•Oxidation states of metals
•Transition elements
•Acid base titrations
•Titration curves
•Analysis of common substances
•Organic chemistry experiments
•Functional group detection
•Extraction techniques
•Vacuum fi ltration
•Room pressure and reduced pressure distillation
•Synthesis of organic compounds

Dim.: 87x51x24 cm
Weight.: approx. 12,5 kg

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