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MT 172: Alignment of Drives, Shafts and Gears

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Alignment of Drives, Shafts and Gears

Alignment of Drives, Shafts and Gears Alignment of Drives, Shafts and Gears

Product Details

Technical Description 
The MT 172 tester unit must be viewed in conjunction with the assembly practice units MT 170 (shaft with journal bearings) and MT 110.02 (combination gear units). The assembled element system - journal bearing or gear unit - is mounted on the MT 172 test bed. Here, the complete system is properly assembled, with particular regard to the alignment of  the system components. A  successfully completed assembly project can then be examined in operation with a formal final test. Parameters examined during test procedure are; running noise, heat generation, vibration or leakage.
MT 172 includes a single-phase asynchronous motor drive, a magnetic particle brake with adjustable braking torque, and a rigid machine bed with T-slots on which the motor and the drive element under test are mounted. The T-slots allow the installed length to be varied, and therefore can be easily adapted to the drive element. Two couplings connect the element system to the motor and the brake. The students must align the connections between the motor and the element system, and between the element system and the brake. The controls are on the switch box. The braking torque is set here using a potentiometer.
The exciter current of the magnetic particle brake serves as a measure of the braking torque, and is displayed in digital form. Removable guards protect the couplings.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

In conjunction with MT 170 and MT 110.02:
- Assembling and aligning drive systems
- Planning and execution of final testing:
  + on a spur wheel/worm gear mechanism
     (MT 110.02)
  + on a journal bearing-supported shaft (MT 170)
- Familiarisation with mechanical and electrical drive
  elements and their functions
In conjunction with combination gear unit MT 110.02:
- Checking gear functionality after assembly using a
   load test
- Running of the gear under variable load:
   assessment of running noise
   checking for heat build-up
   checking for leaks
In conjunction with MT 170 - shaft with journal bearings:
- Running properties of a journal bearing 

* Assembling and aligning drive elements1
* Understanding a wide range of mechanical drives1
* Functional testing of completed GUNT assembly


[1] Tester for functionality testing mechanical drive systems: journal bearing-supported shaft, combination gear unit
[2] Single-phase asynchronous motor with metal bellows coupling
[3] Externally vented magnetic particle brake with claw clutch, braking power adjustable by potentiometer
[4] T-slot aluminium profile for adjustable mounting of drive components
[5] Switch box with controls and digital display of exciter current
[6] Coupling guards
[7] 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
[8] The unit forms part of the GUNT assembly, maintenance and repair practice line

Technical Data
Drive motor
- 4-pole asynchronous motor
- max. power output: 0.55kW
- speed: 1400rpm
Magnetic particle brake with fan, and temperature sensor
- nominal braking torque at exciter current  0... 0.67A:
- max. braking torque at 1A: 110Nm
- bi-metallic strip temperature protection: 70°C
Machine bed manufactured from aluminium
with T-slots
- installation space: l x w: 640x160mm
- slot spacing: 40mm
- for M8 sliding blocks

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 950 x 500 x 450 mm
Weight : approx. 70 kg
230V, 50Hz, 1 phase

Scope of Delivery
1 drive motor with electrical control housing on base
1 magnetic particle brake on base plate
1 claw coupling
1 metal bellows clutch
1 gear base plate
1 set of bolts, slot nuts, washers
1 set of shims
1 instruction manual
Order Details
051.17200  MT 172  Alignment of Drives, Shafts
                      and Gears

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