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4954.10: Altay Track Set

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Altay Track Set

Altay Track Set Altay Track Set

Product Details

Designed to produce an almost frictionless track for the Altay Carts, it is also an Optics Bench, a Free Fall Stand for determination of “g” and a Pendulum Stand.

The MultiTrack has clearly defined scales printed on an attractive black anodised base.

The MutiTrack is designed to be easily integrated with data logging sensors, such as motion sensors and photogate sensors.

This is truly a versatile addition to any physics lab and underlines Altay’s commitment to delivery quality product at affordable prices.

Our Multiuse Track solution is designed to use only one track in multiple setups as a track in mechanics experiments, as operating desk in free fall and pendulum experiences and as an optical bench.

The Altay Multiuse System allows you perform Dynamics as well as Optics experiments.

If you already have the bench, you can obtain our “Upgrade Systems” to convert from optics to dynamics and vice versa.

Also available:
Altay Track Set, Length 145 cm – Code 4954.11

Dim.: 110 x 7 x 4 cm
Weight.: approx. 1,5 kg

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