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GAE 1: Amplifier Circuits with Transistor and Op-amp

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Amplifier Circuits with Transistor and Op-amp

Amplifier Circuits with Transistor and Op-amp Amplifier Circuits with Transistor and Op-amp Amplifier Circuits with Transistor and Op-amp Amplifier Circuits with Transistor and Op-amp

Product Details

Fundamentals of Electronics with 19mm-Plug-in System

Further topics on the subject of analog electronics are available with 4 sequential sets of plug-in equipment. In this way, a complete basic knowledge can be built up using interesting exercises.

Passive components and various semiconductors are examined in exercises, characteristics recorded and the knowledge gained is then applied to typical, practical application circuits. In particular, emphasis is placed on the use of multimeters and an oscilloscope in the techniques of measurement.

The plug-in system as a traditional modular building-block system carries considerable advantages for a sound, practice-oriented training in the field of electronics.

The plug-in components are inserted in the universal patch-panel as in a circuit diagram to produce the finished circuit and result in a clear, easily understood arrangement.

Our universal patch-panels are available in 4 versions:

  • with and without safety-protected sockets, with 2 or 4 mm techniques and
  • with widths of 228 or 456 mm.

All versions can be used in an H-profile exercise frame or as a desk-type table-top workplace.

Topics covered 

Amplifier Circuits with Transistor and Op-amp
Order No.: GAE 1

  • Operating values, common-base, common emitter and common-collector circuits
  • Darlington amplifier
  • Emitter-coupled amplifier
  • Push-pull, differential amplifiers
  • Operational amplifier circuits (Op-amp)
  • Op-amp characteristics

Power Amplifier Circuits
Order No.: GAE 2

  • Single-stage amplifier, Classes A, B & C
  • Single-ended class A power amplifier
  • Complementary, quasi-complementary output stages
  • Push-pull output stage with transformer
  • Depletion layer FET, common-source amplifier
  • Amplifier with CMOS-FET
  • RC-coupled amplifier

Operational Amplifier Application Circuits
Order No.: GAE 3

    • Linear amplifier with op-amp
    • Non-inverting amplifier with op-amp
    • Inverting amplifier with op-amp
    • Inverting AC amplifier with op-amp
    • Voltage follower with op-amp
    • Comparator with op-amp
    • Schmitt trigger with op-amp
    • Astable multivibrator with op-amp
    • Monostable multivibrator with op-amp
    • Constant current source with op-amp
    • Integrator with op-amp
    • Differentiator with op-amp

      Opto-electronic Components and Applications
      Order No.: GOE 1,2

      • Photoresistor, Photocell characteristics and features
      • Photodiode, c
      • Characteristics and features
      • Phototransistor,
      • Opto-isolator
      • LED, characteristics and features
      • Signal transfer using a photodiode and phototransistor
      • Signal transfer using fibre optics
      • Light barrier, using an LDR
      • LED, Control and drive signals
      • Light-sensitive multivibrator with a phototransistor

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