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RT 586: Analytical Process Control System

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Analytical Process Control System

Analytical Process Control System

Product Details

Technical Description
The RT 586 Analytical Process Control System demonstrates the control of the quality of industrial process water and waste water. It combines chemical procedures with applied basic principles of control engineering.
The mobile laboratory unit is dimensioned in a way to allow experiments, without neglecting the characteristics of industrial plants. Neutral water is mixed with diluted sodium hydroxide, the resulting ion load is measured. The addition of diluted sulphuric acid neutralises the solution. Controlled aeration changes the oxygen content. Another experiment controls the redox potential of water using a diluted iodine solution. All processes are equipped with extensive instrumentation and are controlled by industrial controllers. Transparent reaction tanks enable the processes to be observed.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Simulation of a salt load in water by addition of diluted sodium hydroxide via a conductivity control system
· pH-value control of the solution using diluted sulphuric acid
· Change in the oxygen content by means of controlled aeration with compressed air
· Control of the redox potential via addition of diluted iodine solution

Monitoring and control of quality of industrial waste water
High quality chemical instrumentation in accordance with industrial standards
Four completely independent control loops
Use of industrial metering pumps
[1] Analytical process control system to monitor and modify industrial waste water
[2] High quality instrumentation and control equipment for conductivity measurement, pH-value control, oxygen enriching, redox potential control
[3] pH-value single rod measuring sensor 0...12pH
[4] Oxygen sensor 0...60mg/ltr O2
[5] Industrial redox measuring electrode 0...1000mV
[6] Microprocessor-controller universal controller
[7] 6-channel recorder
[8] Transparent reaction tanks
[9] Compressed air supply 3...8bar
[10] 230V, ~50Hz
[11] Sturdy steel tube frame with castors

Technical Data
Chemicals: sodium hydroxide NaOH 2%,
sulphuric acid H2SO4 2%
Iodine solution: ratio H2O : J 100:1
Metering pumps: max. 1.7ltr/h
pH single rod measuring sensor: 1...12pH
Conductivity sensor with integrated PT100
temperature sensor: 0.01...20mS/m
Oxygen sensor: 0...60mg/ltr O2
Redox measuring electrode: 0...1000mV
Universal controller, microprocessor-based
Multiple channel recorder: 6 channels

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 1800 x 700 x 1850 mm
Weight : approx. 150 kg

230V, ~50Hz
Compressed air: 3...8bar

Scope of Delivery
1 process control system, complete, 1 instruction manual

Order Details
080.58600 RT 586 Analytical Process Control System
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