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MT 210: Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Refrigeration

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Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Refrigeration

Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Refrigeration Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Refrigeration Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Refrigeration

Product Details

Technical Description 
Using MT 210, students can develop skills on how to undertake a complex engineering project. The skills developed are the planning, execution and checking of assembly; commissioning, and maintenance operations. The assembly covers installation of the refrigeration components: Installing the low-pressure and high-pressure switches, the expansion valve and the refrigeration circuit piping. The pipe connections are not soldered, but bolted. The electrical installation includes wiring and connecting up all units and switching elements. The tool set ET 150.02 is required to assemble the unit. The ET 150.01 refrigeration charging and evacuation station is required for commissioning the unit.

The fully assembled MT 210 presents a fully functional temperature-controlled cooling system with cooling chamber and electric thermostat. Repeated assembly and disassembly is possible.

The experiment is mounted on a workbench, with drawers to hold components and tools. The assembly panel and refrigeration chamber are mounted on a frame. The frame, condenser set and switch box are permanently bolted to the workbench work surface. The refrigeration and electrical components are attached to the aluminium assembly panel.
The fully assembled MT 210 presents a real, fully functional temperature-controlled cooling system with cooling chamber and electric thermostat. The system is supplied in kit form.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Reading and understanding technical
- Planning and execution of assembly operations and
- Making piping connections as per system diagram
- Electrical installation as per circuit diagram
- Commissioning and checking of a refrigeration unit
  following assembly (in conjunction with ET 150.01)
- Familiarisation with the function of the components
  of a refrigeration system and of the complete
- Fault analysis: troubleshooting, fault assessment
  and repair
- Planning, execution and assessment of
  maintenance operations
In conjunction with ET 150.01:
- Evacuation and filling of refrigeration units

* Project-based learning exercise with high practical
* Suitable for training in metalworking and electrical
* Interdisciplinary and covering multiple learning
* Construction of a refrigeration unit from individual
* Comprehensive and well-structured accompanying


[1] Assembly project for providing training in the assembly of refrigeration units
[2] Construction of a refrigeration unit with a cooling chamber, from a complete parts set
[3] Temperature regulation using a thermostat
[4] Air-cooled condenser set with compressor
[5] Cooling chamber with built-in evaporator and fan
[6] Cooling chamber with large viewing window
[7] Assembly panel for assembly of refrigeration and electrical components
[8] Electrical assembly as per circuit diagram
[9] Simple piping of refrigeration circuit with bolted pipe connections
[10] Workbench with drawers to hold components
[11] CFC-free refrigerant R134a
[12] The kit forms part of the GUNT assembly, maintenance and repair practice line

Technical Data
Condenser set
- power consumption: 190W
- refrigerating capacity: 373W at 5°C evap.

- fan: 33W consumption
Liquid collector: approx. 1L
- power output: 50W at t0 =-6°C, DT1=8K
- heat exchanger area: 1.06m²
Cooling chamber with viewing window
- l x w x h: 600x250x500mm
Assembly panel made of aluminium
- l x w: 710x500mm
Thermostatic expansion valve, adjustable
Adjustable thermostat: -30...15°C

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 1530 x 750 x 1670 mm (assembled)
Weight : approx. 155 kg

230V, 50Hz, 1 phase

Scope of Delivery
1 workbench with drawers, switch box, condenser
   set, assembly panel, and cooling chamber
1 kit, consisting of all required components and
   installation materials
1 set of instructional material, consisting of:
- technical description of system, set of drawings
  with individual parts and parts list, description of
  assembly, maintenance and repair processes
Order Details
051.21000  MT 210  Assembly & Maintenance
                     Exercise: Refrigeration

Available accessories

ET 150.01 -- Refrigerant Charging and Evacuation Station
ET 150.02 -- Tool Set

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