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TZ 200.11: Bending Device Assembly Kit

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Bending Device Assembly Kit

Bending Device Assembly Kit Bending Device Assembly Kit

Product Details

Technical Description 
The kit contains all the parts required to assemble a functional bending device. The parts are clearly laid out on a base plate. They are grouped into individual assembly sequences. The base plate is covered with a  transparent cover panel on which a graphical representation of the assembly structure is printed. The graphic symbolises standard and production parts, and also represents fixed and moving connections differently.
All parts are precision-manufactured on CNC machines and feature standard engineering tolerances and surface finishes. The surfaces of the finished parts have a gunmetal finish to prevent corrosion.
Multiple trays are stackable, providing for space-saving storage.
The kit is ideally deployed for student exercises during teaching, with two/three students able to work with each kit.
The comprehensive and clearly structured instructional material is laid-out in line with modern principles and is of great help with lesson preparation.
Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Introduction to technical drawing:
  + reading and understanding technical drawings
  + three-plane views
  + sectional views
  + drawing types
  + 3D views
  + parts lists
  + dimensioning
  + surface finish and tolerance specifications
  + differentiation between standard and production
  + material specifications
- Planning and execution of simple assembly
  + planning and describing work sequences
  + assessing results
- Measurement exercises:
  + length measurements
  + angle measurements


* Course in technical drawing1
* Bending device assembly kit1
* Interdisciplinary teaching exercise


[1] Part of the GUNT technical drawing course
[2] Assembly set with components of a functional bending device (eccentric operation)
[3] All components made from steel, precision-manufactured, with gunmetal surface finish
[4] Assembly schematic on transparent cover panel
[5] Multiple trays stackable
[6] Instructional material incorporates action-oriented and interdisciplinary forms of teaching

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 540 x 350 x 75 mm (tray)
Weight : approx. 6 kg

Scope of Delivery
1 tray with bending device components
1 cover panel with assembly schematic
1 set of assembly/disassembly tools
1 set of instructional material
Order Details
050.20011  TZ 200.11  Bending Device
                       Assembly Kit

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