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Communication system: Communication system

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Communication system

Product Details

System description

The communication system integrated in a 19" table-top unit, provides the perfect solution for combining telecommunications technology with the equipment in a training workshop. The basic equipment consists of a 19' table-top housing, a 19" ISDN private digital exchange (ISDNPBX) system and a distribution panel for connecting to the internal laboratory telecommunications network. An integrated interface patch-board is incorporated on the front panel of the telecommunications system rack. Using normal patching cables, flexible routing can be produced for a structured form of interconnection both for analog and digital communications within the laboratory.
The techniques of Computer Telephony Integration in a local network, together with TAPI 2.1 and the CTI software, opens up the facilities of practical training in modern, state-of-the-art communication. As an add-on option, the telecommunications system can be fitted with a router module for perfect integration into your existing network environment. A pre-requisite for this however, is an external ISDN basic access (MSN or System) for the laboratory. For this, simply connect your Ethernet-LAN to the Internet. As "CAPI-Server", the router module offers direct access for upto 20 workplaces to external and internal ISDN-communication.
In the basic assembly, the telecommunication system includes a maximum of 2 outside lines and 2 internal digital channels for ISDN terminal devices or system telephones. Also, 8 Ports are incorporated for connecting analog equipment (telephone, cordless phone, fax unit, answering machine, modem). Two module slots provide extension facilities to include 8 additional S0-connections or 16 extra analog Ports. The system configuration is supported by a Windows Configurations Manager.
By way of the Cat5-Pack optional add-on, the PC-network can be centrally routed for 16 network connections using a hub and the distribution panel. The data transfer in the network is at a maximum rate of 100 MBit/s.

Basis für Lehr-/Versuchsinhalte

  • Creating a digital ISDN and an analog telecommunications network, without the necessity of an external connection at the laboratory workplace.
  • Function, operation and configuration of telecommunications systems.
  • Test operation of trial patterns and installation practice.
  • Practice in the use of test equipment.
  • Training in state-of-the-art telecommunications technology.
  • Structured cabling in telecommunications networks
  • Introduction to the administration of telecommunications networks

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