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SE 110.44: Deformation of Trusses

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Deformation of Trusses

Deformation of Trusses Deformation of Trusses Deformation of Trusses

Product Details

Technical Description 
This experimental set enables, in conjunction with the  universal test frame SE 111, the elastic deformation of different plane trusses to be experimentally investigated. During these experiments, Castigliano's theory is demonstrated and applied. The truss members are made of PVC. The different lengths of the members enable numerous truss variants to be assembled and save time-consuming adjustment. The members are quickly and securely attached to the joint disc using special snap action joints. A spindle drive with a ring dynamometer is used to load the truss. The two bearings with joint discs and the loading device are equipped with rapid action fasteners for attachment to the frame.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Deformation of elastic trusses subject to a point load
- Application of Castigliano's theory
- Comparison of calculation and measurement
* Explanation and application of Castigliano's theory1
* Range of members with useful lengths


[1] Supplementary experiment for the SE 111 system, deformation of trusses, Castigliano's theory
[2] 19 members, 5 joint discs, 2 supports with joint discs
[3] Spindle drive with ring dynamometer to load the truss
[4] Dial gauge to measure displacement

Technical Data
Members made of PVC
- max. member force: 200N
- tensile strength: 70...100N/mm²
- compressive strength: 80N/mm²
- 2x 150mm, 5x 259mm, 7x 300mm, 3x 424mm,
  1x 397mm, 1x 520mm
Angular settings at joint discs: 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°
- tensile and compression force: +/-500N
Dial gauge: 0...20mm, graduation: 0.01mm
Dimensions and Weight
Weight : approx. 11 kg

Scope of Delivery
19 members
7 joint discs
1 loading device
1 dial gauge
1 guide for the truss
1 instruction manual
Order Details
022.11044  SE 110.44  Experimental Set
                     Deflection of Trusses

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