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VDE0100: Electrical Safety Measures

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Electrical Safety Measures

Product Details

VDE 0100 Netzformen

Electrical energy is today, the most widely used form of energy. Because of its physical properties, if not treated with respect, electrical energy is highly dangerous. The German association of electrical engineers (VDE) has therefore compiled special recommendations and regulations to protect the User as well as possible, from any serious danger. The subject of protection from excessive body-contact voltages (protection according to VDE0100), is important to all who are concerned with adjustments, operation and repair of electrical installations, in particular students in electro-engineering trades.
The LN training system ESM01 offers here, the optimum support in theoretical and practical instruction in the subjects of protection, according to VDE0100, for various types of mains networks (TN-C-S, TN-C, TN-S, TT and IT networks). One of the more significant points of the LN training system, is the direct relation to practice. All LN training systems are constructed, using industrial components. Measurements on individual exercise assemblies, are completed using commercially available test meters.

Topics covered

ESM 1 Electrical Safety Measures (VDE0100)

  • Body contact voltage: Fault current and body current; safety rules; reference current
  • Protection against indirect body contact: Active, external and conductive parts; explanation of basic isolation
  • Protective low voltage: Different classes of protection; function of low voltage; purpose of protective low voltage
  • Protective measures in a TN mains supply: Potential balance; circuit breaker current; loop impedance measurement
  • Protective isolation
  • Protective measures in a TT mains supply: Earthing methods; test procedures; possible dangers
  • Netzsysteme: Structure of various networks
  • Protection against indirect body contact: Insulation faults; short circuit to frame; conductor fault; double fault
  • Additional protection with leakage current protective devises: Construction of a leakage current trip switch; advantages and disadvantages of the protective devices
  • Faults in a TN mains supply: Assembling various exercise circuits; integrating fault combinations in the exercise assemblies
  • Insulation resistance: Minimum permissible values; requirements of an insulation tester
  • Earth resistance measurement: Purpose of system and signal earthing rods; current/voltage measurements; earth measurement fault sources
  • Protective measures in an IT mains supply: Single and double faults; insulation monitoring
  • Protective isolation: Protection by non-conductive separation; protection by a local, floating potential balance; protective isolation for one or more consumers


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