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7620.00: Electrochemistry Kit

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Electrochemistry Kit

Electrochemistry Kit Electrochemistry Kit

Product Details

Introduction to Electrochemical phenomena

Our Electrochemistry Kit is a powerful instrument to introduce students to the basics of those chemical reactions related to electrical phenomena.

How is electric current produced? Can we store this electric current somehow? Why does iron rust? Is it possible to protect metals from corrosion?

Altay’s Electrochemistry Kit will answer all these questions and many more, through practical demonstrations.

The complete set of equipment has been selected to perform the 20 experiments included in the Instruction Manual plus a wide range of additional electrochemistry experiments.

Setting up a demonstration is quick and easy by simply following the instructions given in the Manual.

Laws and Principles Investigated
•Conductivity and electrolytes
•Effect of concentration on conductivity
•Dissolution of metals
•Reference electrodes
•Reduction potentials
•Daniell cells
•Volta cells
•Concentration cells
•Connection of cells in series and parallel
•Practical use of reference electrode: measuring pH experiments
•Electrolytic processes
•Effect of pH on Water electrolysis
•Corrosion and protection of metals

Dim.: 87x51x24 cm
Weight.: approx. 9,4 kg

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