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TM 260.04: Experimental Module Slip / Stick & Friction Vibration

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Experimental Module Slip / Stick & Friction Vibration

Product Details

Technical Description 
Using this experimental module, static friction and sliding friction, and the related friction vibrations and slip-stick effects can be clearly demonstrated. The unit is used in conjunction with the basic module TM 260. For the experiments, cylindrical weights are placed on a horizontally rotating stainless steel disc. This is prevented from turning by a cord. The cord is coupled to force measuring devices with a strain gauge via a tension spring. An open container surrounds the friction disc. Different lubricants can be placed in this beaker.
Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Observation of the transition from static friction to sliding friction
- Influence of lubrication on stick-slip effects
- Influence of the force between the components on the stick-slip
- Influence of the relative speed of the components on stick-slip effects

* Demonstration of the differences between static
  friction and sliding friction


[1] Benchtop exp. module for investigating static friction and sliding friction, and slip-stick effects
[2] Operation in conjunction with TM 260 module
[3] Stainless steel friction ring, D=60/80mm
[4] Weight loading on the ring 0...40N
[5] Friction force measuring range 0...50N
[6] Friction force measurement using full bridge strain gauge
[7] Adjustable operating speed

Technical Data
Pulley, stainless steel, diameter 60mm
Friction ring, stainless steel
- outside diameter: 80mm
- inside diameter: 60mm
Operating speed: 0...0.73m/s
Load measuring range: 0...50N

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 350 x 100 x 185 mm
Weight : approx. 7 kg

Scope of Delivery
1 experimental module, complete
1 instruction manual
Order Details
040.26004  TM 260.04  Experimental Module
                    Slip / Stick & Friction Vibration

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