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4862.10: Heat System

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Heat System

Heat System Heat System

Product Details

Study thermodynamics with this compact and easy to use system

This system introduces basic concepts of thermodynamics and heat experiments. It provides a framework for
understanding and quantitatively assessing introductory thermodynamics questions and problems.

Laws and principles investigated
• Thermal radiation
• Boiling and condensation
• Calorimeter and Joule’s Law
• Dalton’s Law of partial pressures
• Equilibrium temperature of mixed liquids
• Evaporation of two different liquids
• Expansion of ice
• Thermometer’s time constant and fixed points of a thermometer
• Fourier’s Equation and Fourier’s Law
• Heat sensitivity and Locke’s Law
• Linear expansion of a solid
• Wet and dry bulb hygrometer, relative humidity, psychrometry and moisture content
• Newton’s law of heating or cooling
• Phase transition
• Pulse glass functioning principle
• Saturated and supersaturated solutions
• Different solution phenomena at different temperatures
• Specific Heat experiment
• Thermal agitation, conduction and expansion
• Thermostat and thermocouple
• Peltier–Seebeck effect

List of the experiments detailed in the instruction manual
• Heat sensitivity and thermal equilibrium
• Measurement of the coefficient of volume expansion of water
• Fixed points of a thermometer
• Temperature measurement with a T type thermocouple
• Linear expansion of a solid
• Coefficient of expansions of iron and brass
• Example of the use of a thermostat
• Measurement of the boiling point of alcohol
• Boiling at below and above atmospheric pressure
• Measurement of the heat of evaporation of water
• The graph for the solidifying of paraffin
• Saturated and supersaturated solutions
• Wet and dry bulb hygrometer
• Expansion of air at constant pressure and volume
• Thermal convection in fluids
• Thermal conductivity of iron, brass, aluminium and copper
• Conduction of heat by water
• Absorption of thermal radiation
• Thermal insulation
• Construction of a simple Dewar vessel
• Heating different quantities of liquid
• Specific heat capacity of liquids and solid bodies
• Equilibrium temperature of mixed liquids
• Heat capacity of the calorimeter
• Conversion of mechanical energy into thermal energy
• Joule’s effect
• Expansion of ice
• Latent heat of fusion of ice
• Latent heat of vaporisation of water
• Evaporation of two different liquids
• Boiling point elevation

Dim.: 73x44x16 cm
Weight.: 6 kg

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