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WL 314: Heat Transfer Bench

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Heat Transfer Bench

Heat Transfer Bench

Product Details

Technical Description
The relationships for heat transfer by forced convection can be investigated with this bench. A fan draws air through a duct with a streamlined inlet element that provides a homogeneous flow. The flow rate can be varied using an adjustable flap on the fan outlet. The duct contains an interchangeable pipe bundle heat exchanger element. One of the pipes can be heated individually. The heat transfer as a function of the pipe position can therefore be determined. The air velocity distribution before and after the heat exchanger element can be measured using a Pitot tube. 3 other heat exchangers are available as accessories.
Quick-action fasteners enable the various heater exchanger elements to be easily changed. Temperatures and heater power are digitally displayed.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Relationships between Nusselt, Reynolds and heat transfer rate
· Measurement of the pressure distribution and development of the speed gradient
· Development of families of characteristic curves for pipe bundles
· Pressure loss at pipe bundles

Complete and functional test stand for heat transfer
Support on castors
Detailed instruction manual
[1] Mobile heat transfer bench on convective heat transfer
[2] lxwxh 1935x800x1996mm, 154kg
[3] Duct cross section 150x150mm
[4] Exchangeable pipe bundle as heating element
[5] 2 heaters: Æ10mm, 220W / Æ13mm, 250W, can be inserted in a bundle or alone
[6] Airflow rate adjustable
[7] Pitot tube and pressure measurement station to determine air velocity
[8] Control and display unit indicates air temperature, heater temperature and heater power
[9] 230V, ~50Hz

Technical Data
Duct: cross-section 150x150mm, 1540mm long
Fan: 1.5kW, max. flow rate 2160m³/h
Pipe bundle: 1 heater, 23 empty pipes, heater can be placed at any position
Heater power: 1x220W, 1x250W

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 1935 x 800 x 1996 mm
Weight : approx. 154 kg

230V, 50Hz, 1 phase

Scope of Delivery
1 complete unit, 1 set of measurement cables and hoses, 1 pressure measurement station, 1 control and display unit, 1 instruction manual

Order Details
060.31400 WL 314 Heat Transfer Bench
Available accessories
WL 314.01 -- Parallel Flow Module
WL 314.02 -- Mixed Flow Module
WL 314.03 -- Tubular Forced Convection Heat Exchanger

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WL 312 -- Multipurpose Air Duct and Heat Transfer Unit

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