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HM 110: Hydrodynamics Trainer

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Hydrodynamics Trainer

Hydrodynamics Trainer Hydrodynamics Trainer Hydrodynamics Trainer

Product Details

Technical Description
The hydrodynamic trainer HM 110 permits basic experiments on fluid mechanics. The experiment is set up clearly on a mobile laboratory trolley. Thanks to the closed water circuit the test stand is especially well suited for use in seminars and lecture rooms. The system includes a variable-area flowmeter, an electronic differential pressure gauge and other pressure measuring devices. The objects to be measured are various pipelines and add-on parts, five of which represent different types of pipe installations (such as a membrane valve or dirt trap). In order to make the function of the unit visible, three of the objects are made of Plexiglas: they represent a Venturi tube, pitot tube and measuring orifice/nozzle. The measuring points and pressure gauges are connected with hoses and rapid action hose couplings

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Measurement of pressure and speed with the pitot tube
· Measurement of flow rate with nozzle and orifice
· Investigations at the fittings: Comparative measurement of pressure loss, head loss and flow rate in relation to the degree of opening
· Investigations at the pipelines: Pipe flow with and without friction, narrowing and widening of pipe, angles and bends

Clear layout for flow-related experiments
Mobile multipurpose laboratory trolley
Closed water circuit
Many flow-related measurement objects
Hose connections with rapid action hose couplings
[1] Experimental set-up for flow-related experiments
[2] Closed water circuit
[3] Water supplied from tank via pump
[4] Flow rate measured with variable-area flowmeters
[5] Hose connections with rapid action hose couplings
[6] Pressure measurement with annular chambers
[7] Experiment instructions include illustration of fundamental principles

Technical Data
Measuring section for installation of various measurement objects, PVC, 32 x 1.8
Three pipe sections, straight, 1000mm:
1)½", St, galvanised 2)18 x 1, Cu 3)20 x 1.5,PVC
Pipe section, narrowing continuously: 20x1.5-16x1.2,PVC, widening continuously: 20x1.5-32x1.8,PVC
Pipe section with 90° angle/bend,20x1.5,PVC
Electronic pressure sensor: +/-2000mbar
Flowmeter, Precision Class 1.6
Measuring range: -small: 1060Ltr/h -large: 2800Ltr/h

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 2000 x 780 x 1900 mm
Weight: approx. 145 kg


Scope of Delivery
1 test stand, completely assembled, 1 set of measuring objects, 1 set of hose connections with couplings,1 instruction manual

Order Details
070.11000 HM 110 Hydrodynamics Trainer
Available accessories
HM 110.01 -- Set of Measuring Objects, Brass

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