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E-IG105: Ignition Systems

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Ignition Systems

Ignition Systems

Product Details

Self contained, fully operational Ignition Turret trainer, manufactured using real components.

Operation of the Ignition System can be observed through the transparent spark plug cover. A variable spark plug gap adjuster will aid in the demonstration of how Kv is affected by an increased air gap.

With the use of timing light, timing advance and retard can be observed, effected by variable speed and vacuum control.

Open circuit and high resistance faults are included on these trainers to aid diagnostic training.

Testing of these Ignition Trainers can be carried out in the same manner as if still fitted to the original vehicle.

Useful aid for demonstrating primary and secondary ignition patterns.

These Ignition Turrets offers an enhanced training resource, hands on training with real components, greater understanding for the student with out the constraints of the modern motor vehicle

5 different ignition systems available:

Contact Braker: Order No. E-IG105

Hall Effect (GM/VAG): Order No. E-IG115

Distributorless (FORD DIS): Order No. E-IG130

Motronic 4.1 (OPEL/GM): Order No. E-IG140

Motronic 1.5 (OPEL/GM): Order No. E-IG145

12V DC Supply required

Dimensions: Width 30 cm, Length 43 cm, Height 43 cm
Weight: 11.5 kg

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