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SE 110.19: Investigation of Simple Stability Problems

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Investigation of Simple Stability Problems

Investigation of Simple Stability Problems Investigation of Simple Stability Problems Investigation of Simple Stability Problems

Product Details

Technical Description 
The set is intended for use with the universal test frame SE 111 and demonstrates simple stability problems. The core of the set is a two-part test bar with a central joint at which the buckling load can be determined under varying boundary conditions. The elastic low-friction joint is represented by a torsion spring fitted between the two parts of the test piece. Loading is performed continuously using a lever with a set of weights. An exact scale on the lever permits the load to be determined with precision. Varying clamping is possible by means a steel spiral spring of variable length on the lower bearing. A further set of weights with a cord is used to generate lateral forces.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Determination of the buckling load at varying boundary conditions
  + elastic joint
  + elastic clamping
- Influence of additional shear forces
- Influence of predeformation

* Continuous adjustment of the load on the test bar1
* Varying amount of clamping by means of spiral spring


[1] Supplementary experiment for the SE 111 system, stability of structures
[2] Two-part test bar with elastic central joint
[3] Compressive load applied to bar using a lever and a sliding weight
[4] Lateral load applied by a device, a guide roller and weight
[5] Elastic joint fitted with 2 springs
[6] Spiral spring for elastic clamping

Technical Data
Buckling bar with central joint
- length: 2x250mm
Compressive load: 25...120N
Lateral load: 0...20N
Spiral spring, steel: 2x10x500mm
Springs at joint: c=2N/mm
- 2x 1N (hanger), 8x 1N
- 6x 5N

Dimensions and Weight
Weight : approx. 16 kg

Scope of Delivery
1 test bar, 1 lever arm with slider, 4 supports, set of weights
1 instruction manual

Order Details
022.11019  SE 110.19  Experimental Set
                     Stability of Structures

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