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LP: Logger Pro 3

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Logger Pro 3

Logger Pro 3 Logger Pro 3 Logger Pro 3

Product Details

Integrating real-time graphing, powerful analytical functions, and intuitive hands-on learning, Logger Pro 3 software continues to make data collection as simple as measure, analyze, and learn.

Intuitive and Easy to Use
Logger Pro is the most popular data-collection program in science and math education because students find our software easier to learn than other data-collection programs.



Synchronized Video Capture
Use Logger Pro with a web camera, The ProScope, or DV camera to add a video synchronized with your data, or use the video to track the position of an object, frame by frame, for graphing and further analysis.


Over 1000 Experiment Files Included
Logger Pro includes over 1000 experiment files from our popular Vernier lab books. To perform any of the activities, just open the experiment file for the activity and the learning begins.


One Program Does It All

Logger Pro includes a generous site license that allows a school or a college department to install Logger Pro on every school computer, all instructor computers, AND the students' home computers. 


Auto Graph Match Generator

Do you like using graph-matching exercises with your students? While it's always been possible to create your own additional exercises, now Logger Pro offers a toolbar button that automatically generates a new exercise.

Auto-configured Data Collection

For many purposes, you don't need to configure Logger Pro at all. Connect a sensor, such as a Go! Motion or Go! Temp, or a LabPro with a sensor, and launch Logger Pro. Logger Pro detects your setup, and creates a graph, data table, and digital readout. Data collection parameters are set automatically, so you’re ready to collect data.

Video Capture

Logger Pro now captures video from many devices. Connect a DV camcorder, a web camera or ProScope HR, and make your own movies for later analysis. You can make a time-lapse movie, synchronized with sensor data, and play both the movie and the sensor data back at high speed. Or just make a video recording of your experiment to go along with your data. Videos are automatically inserted after capture, so there’s no import process to worry about. You can even insert a still photo of your experiment. Learn more about Logger Pro's video features by downloading our Video and Logger Pro Guide.

Image Analysis

Use the power of video analysis to analyze a photo. Record the shape of an object, and set the scale of the photo. Don’t miss the cool catenary curve example included in Logger Pro 3.

Vernier LabQuest Support

Logger Pro can collect live data from a LabQuest that is connected to a computer as well as download LabQuest field data for detailed analysis.

Mac OS X 10.5 Support

Logger Pro is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

Windows Vista Support

Logger Pro is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista. The LabPro and LabQuest USB drivers are signed by Microsoft for installation ease.

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