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FL 200: Photoelastic Experiments with a Transmission Polariscope

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Photoelastic Experiments with a Transmission Polariscope

Photoelastic Experiments with a Transmission Polariscope Photoelastic Experiments with a Transmission Polariscope Photoelastic Experiments with a Transmission Polariscope

Product Details

Technical Description 
Using this transmitted light polariscope, photoelastic experiments can be performed. This process exploits the fact that the refractive index of photoelastically sensitive materials changes under mechanical stress. Transmitted polarised light experiences a rotation of its plane of polarisation, this results in lines in the material subject to the same stress being of the same colour. The distribution of the stress in the model can thus be clearly seen. The polariscope can either generate coloured stress diagrams using white light or, using monochromatic light, light-dark diagrams. The filters, which have angular scales, can be rotated in a holder mounted on rollers. On the side is a pointer using which the angular position can be read off. Light sources, polarisation filters and load frames are separate components on this unit. Thus it is possible to realise flexible experimental set-ups also with own models.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Mechanical loading of suitable models with tensile
  or compressive forces
- Generation and investigation of stress diagrams
* Performance of photoelastic experiments on
  mechanically loaded models, generation of stress
* Two light sources for a choice of monochromatic or
  white light
* Large filter for ease of observation, also from a


[1] Benchtop unit for performing photoelastic experiments with mechanical models
[2] A fluorescent tube and two light bulbs for generating white light
[3] Sodium vapour light for monochromatic light (colour - yellow)
[4] Polarisation filter mounted on rollers, without stop, can be rotated as required
[5] Polarisation filter and quarter wave plates, edges with plastic protection
[6] Angle scale on each frame
[7] Load frame that can be adapted to suit specific models
[8] Generation of tensile and compressive loads
Technical Data

Polarisation filter diameter: D=425mm
Dimensions of the load frame w x h: 600x750mm

Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h : 800 x 600 x 750 mm
Weight : approx. 50 kg


230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase or 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase

Scope of Delivery

1 load frame with loading device
2 polarisation filters
2 quarter wave filters
1 light source
1 instruction manual
Order Details

021.20000  FL 200  Transmitted Light Polariscope

Available accessories
FL 200.01 -- Set of 5 Photoelastic Models with Clamping Elements
FL 200.02 -- Arch Model with Clamping Elements
FL 200.03 -- Crane Hook Model with Clamping Elemements
FL 200.05 -- Set of 3 Models with Different Notches
FL 200.06 -- Photoelastic Model Stress on Weld Seams
FL 200.07 -- Photoelastic Model Wrench with Clamping Elements
FL 200.12 -- Model Material in Plates 650x400x10 mm
FL 200.82 -- Ring Force Gauge 500 N
FL 200.83 -- Ring Force Gauge 1000 N
FL 200.84 -- Ring Force Gauge 2000 N
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