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G.U.N.T Hamburg
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RT 590: Process Control Training Plant

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Process Control Training Plant

Product Details

Technical Description
This training system for process control represents a fully functional process control system. It consists of four individual systems: process module, control console, fault simulator and service module. The actual process module contains the devices and loops for liquid-level, flow rate, temperature and pressure control with all necessary equipment, tanks and vessels, pipes and delay coils, various sensors and pneumatically actuated valves. The system is laid out in a way to represent a realistic part of a plant also found in heavy industry. The control console is equipped with four digital universal industrial controllers and four three-channel chart recorders. The controllers can configured independently as required and can be operated both individually and simultaneously. They all have serial interfaces permitting parameters to be set from a PC and facilitating interfacing with a process control system. The separate console for the fault simulation unit is used to study ten different typical system faults, e.g. sensor failure or cable break. These are activated using switches. Their effect on the system behaviour of the system can then be investigated. The service module provides compressed air, hot and cold water for the process module. A process communication system facilitates the central control and monitoring of the system.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Flow rate control with and without back-pressure
· Liquid-level control with and without back-pressure on 1st and 2nd order loop
· Pressure control
· Cascade control of liquid-level and flow rate
· Temperature control with varying time response
· Simultaneous control of temperature, flow rate, liquid-level and pressure with independent controllers
· System monitoring and control using a central process communication system
· Start up procedures, emergency shut down, fault simulation

Experimental set-up of a plant of industrial style
Training on adjustment, operation, maintenance and faultfinding using fault simulation
Liquid-level, flow rate, temperature and pressure control, cascade control
Four digital industrial universal controllers
[1] Training system on process control
[2] Fully functional process control system consisting of a process module, control console, fault simulator and service module
[3] Liquid level, flow rate, temperature and pressure control, cascade control
[4] Start up procedures, emergency shut down
[5] 4 local digital universal industrial controllers, parameters can be set independently to P, PI, PD, PID, can be used both individually + simultaneously
[6] 4 independent chart recorders, 3 inputs
[7] Simulation of 10 different system faults
[8] Control and monitoring of the system via a central process communication system under Windows NT/2000/XP
[9] 400V, 50Hz, 3ph.; cold water supply

Technical Data
Pump: rating 0.75kW, 6 stages, max. head 60m, max. flow rate 3.5m³/h
Tank capacities: 100ltr, 28ltr, 15ltr
Delay coils: 1m, 8.5m, 17m
Measuring ranges: flow rate (dp transducer): 0...100mbar; level: 0...500mm; temperature: resistance thermometer: 0...100°C, thermocouple: 0...200°C; pressure: 0...6bar
System requirements: PC with Pentium III 600MHz, 128MB RAM, 100MB free hard disc space, PCI slot, graphics card 1024x768 pixels, true color

Dimensions and Weight
Process module lxwxh: 4400 x 600 x 2050 mm
Supply module : 2400 x 750 x 1900 mm
Total weight of system : approx. 1.5 t

400V, 3~50Hz, 50kW
Cold water connection: 30ltr/min

Scope of Delivery
1 process module, 1 service module, 1 control console, 1 fault simulator, 1 data acquisition card + software, 1 instruction manual

Order Details
080.59000 RT 590 Process Control Training Plant
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