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SO4204-5A: Semiconductor devices

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Semiconductor devices

Product Details

Course - Electronics 1: Semiconductor components
P/N: SO4204-5A


  • 1 Experiment card with diode circuits (Si, Ge and Zener diodes)
  • 1 Experiment card with photocell light barrier and stabilising circuit using Zener diode
  • 1 Experiment card with transistor circuitry for building various circuits (emitter and collector followers, with/without feedback)
  • CD-ROM with Labsoft browser and course software

Course contents

  • Introduction to common diode designs
  • Introduction to key properties of diodes
  • Identifying key applications of diodes
  • Investigating valve and rectifier effects of the diode
  • Recording static and dynamic characteristics of various diodes
  • Experimental determination of various parameters for Ge, Si and Zener diodes
  • Investigating limiter circuits with Zener diodes (with and without load)
  • Investigating stabilising circuits using Zener diodes in response to input voltage and load
  • Determining characteristics and characteristic curve of a light emitting diode
  • Investigating switching characteristics and characteristic curve of a phototransistor
  • Investigating a fork-type light barrier
  • Introduction to basic transistor circuits
  • Experiment on adjusting operating of a transistor circuit
  • Measurement of gain and input/output resistance of common emitter circuit, without feedback
  • Investigating the effect of resistive and capacitive feedback in a common emitter circuit
  • Measurement of gain and input/output resistance of common collector circuit
  • Fault simulation (12 simulated faults activated by relay)
  • Course duration 6.5 h approx. (fault finding 2 h approx.)



Zener-diodes / Optoelectronics

Basic transistor circuits

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