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SO4204-6C: Sequential circuits

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Sequential circuits

Product Details

Digital technology 2: Sequential circuits
P/N: SO4204-6C


  • 1 Experiment card with NAND, NOR gates and flip-flops for building sequential circuits
  • 1 Experiment card with synchronous binary counter, configurable as up or down counter
  • CD-ROM with Labsoft browser and course software

Course contents

  • Introduction to the design and function of various flip-flops and registers
  • Investigating the function of various flip-flops and registers by measurement
  • Design and construction of counters and testing with real circuits
  • Design and construction of shift registers with serial and parallel outputs and testing with real circuits
  • Introduction to the design and function of von counters and dividers
  • Analysis of counters and dividers by measurement
  • Measurements on synchronous and asynchronous counters
  • Introduction to the difference between synchronous and asynchronous counters
  • Design and investigation of binary-coded up and down counters
  • Investigating the principle of debounced switches and pushbuttons
  • Fault simulation (2 simulated faults activated by relay)
  • Course duration 5 h approx. (fault finding 0.5 h approx.)


Sequential circuits

4-bit counter

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