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4455.02: Spectrometer

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Spectrometer Spectrometer

Product Details

Studying the spectral lines of a light source

The spectrometer is used to study the spectral lines of a light source.

Easy to use and robust, this instrument is particularly suitable for classrooms.

Altay’s Spectrometer allows to detect the spectral lines with precision and to measure the corresponding wavelength.

Equipment Needed

Gas tubes
Helium – Code 4470.10
Neon – Code 4470.11
Argon – Code 4470.12
Mercury – Code 4470.13
Hydrogen – Code 4470.14
Oxygen – Code 4470.15
Nitrogen – Code 4470.16
Carbon dioxide – Code 4470.17

Laws and principles investigated

• Dispersion of light from a prism
• Diffraction of light from a diffraction grating
• Measurement of a dispersion power of a prism
• Refraction index of a prism
• Measurement of the diffraction power of a grating
• Visualizing atomic spectra for different kind of lamps
• Light emission by excitation of electrons
• Measurement of the wavelength of the spectral lines
• Quantum energy levels
• Intensity of a spectral lines

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