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HL 530: Training Panel Function of Gas Heater

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Training Panel Function of Gas Heater

Training Panel Function of Gas Heater

Product Details

Technical Description
The HL 530 is used to illustrate the functioning of a gas combination water heater. The main components of the gas water heater are clearly arranged on a panel to allow better understanding. A system diagram also illustrates the function. The HL 530 allows demonstration of a heating circuit and representation of domestic water heating. A plate heat exchanger is used to simulate a radiator. Cold water is fed through the heat exchanger as a heating load. A sight glass allows observation of the gas flame in the burner. Built-in thermometers and flow meters allow the recording of measured values to determine the power and efficiency. The unit is operated with liquid gas (propane, connection pressure 50mbar) and is therefore independent of any pre-installed natural gas lines. The panel is attached to the HL 100 Universal Stand (available as an accessory).

Learning Objectives / Experiments
- Familiarisation with the functioning of a combination water heater
- Understanding of a heating circuit 
- Domestic water heating 
- Measurement of gas pressures on a gas water heater
- Determination of power and efficiency

* Panel with clearly arranged components of a typical combination water heater
* Separate circuits for room heating and domestic water heating
* Sight glass for flame observation
* Additional instrumentation for energy balances
[1] Experimental set-up for familiarisation with a typical gas wall heater
[2] Fully functional combination water heater, main components clearly mounted on panel
[3] Burner with sight glass for observation of flame
[4] Plate heat exchanger simulates radiator, cold water used as heating load
[5] Additional instrumentation for energy balances: thermometers, flow meters, manometers
[6] System diagram attached to panel
[7] Operation with propane gas
[8] 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase

Technical Data
Gas water heater, construction adapted to GUNT requirements: gas type: propane, nominal heating capacity range: 8.9...18kW, standard utilisation rate at rated load: 93%, max. feed flow temperature (adjustable up to): 82 (87)°C, hot water temperature range: 35...65°C, permissible excess operating pressure: heater side: 3bar, warm water side: 10bar
Gas water heater: exhaust gas temperature min./max.: 90/125°C
Expansion vessel: capacity: 2ltr, admission pressure: 0.5bar

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 1650 x 1200 x 350 mm
Weight : approx. 110 kg

230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
Propane gas: 1.72kg/h, 50mbar
Cold water connection

Scope of Delivery
1 training panel with combination water heater, 1 instruction manual

Order Details
065.53000  HL 530  Function of Gas Heater Training Panel
Available accessories
HL 090 -- Supply Bench for Training Panels
HL 100 -- Universal Stand for Training Panels

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