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Technical Description
A pump delivers raw water to an adsorber containing a fixed bed of activated carbon. A concentrated colorant solution is added into the raw water flow which then enters the adsorber and flows through the fixed bed. In the process, the colorant adsorbs on the activated carbon. To remove any remaining colorant from the water, the water then flows through a second adsorber (safety adsorber). The treated water is returned into the feed line of the first adsorber, where the colorant is added in again. This creates a closed water circuit.
Sampling points are arranged so that breakthrough curves and concentration profiles can be recorded. The flow rate, temperature and pressures are continuously recorded. Methylene blue can be used as the colorant, for example.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
- Familiarisation with the basic principle of adsorption on activated carbon
- Recording of concentration profiles and breakthrough curves
- Determination of the mass transfer zone

* Adsorption of dissolved substances on activated carbon
* Concentration profiles and breakthrough curves
[1] 2 adsorbers with activated carbon filling
[2] Adjustment of influent concentration
[3] Closed water circuit
[4] Recording of concentration profiles to determine the mass transfer zone
[5] Recording of breakthrough curves

Technical Data
Adsorber and safety adsorber
- diameter: approx. 60mm, height: approx. 600mm
Raw water pump
- max. flow rate: approx. 50L/h
Raw water: approx. 10L
Colorant solution: approx. 20L
Measuring ranges
- flow rate: approx. 0...50L/h,
- temperature: approx. 0...50°C
- pressure: approx. 0...6bar

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: approx.1000 x 750 x 2000 mm
Weight: approx. 150 kg

230V, 50 Hz, 1 phase

Scope of Delivery
1 experiment stand
1 container of activated carbon
1 set of instructional material

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