Didactical video network

Product Code: network TNV

Didactical video network

Product Details

System description

The didacticl video network is pure hardware with an excellent picture quality and incorporates useful added features. The video network transfers the content of each screen image in real-time, without any delays, either as an economical add-on to a LAN or as a stand-alone network. The video network functions independently of the type of computer and associated software. The working memory (RAM) in the computer, is always available to its full capacity


Basic set

The following functions are incorporated in the basic set:

  • The Instructor sends an image to all workplaces, a group or a single student
  • The Instructor can access the image from an individual student
  • The image at a student's workplace can be sent to a group or another student
  • The screens can be blanked at all student workplaces, a group or and individual student

Supplementary set

The add-on (supplementary) set extends the range of functions to include the following

  • The Instructor receives an image for checking and controls the keyboard and mouse at all workplaces
  • The Instructor receives the image from an individual student and controls the keyboard and mouse
  • Disabling keyboard and mouse at each student workplace or at one selected workplace
  • Blanking the screen at a workplace, automatically disabling the keyboard and mouse
  • A transparent highlight pointer can be generated on the Instructor's screen and by using the mouse, the highlight area can be moved, changed in shape or color
  • Each student can call for help
  • Release and polling function for the image at the Instructor's station
  • The image at any student's station, can be sent to a multimedia projector e.g. Beamer or to an LC-display

Computer connection

A pre-requisite for connecting the video network is the availability of a fully functioning PC system at each workplace with access to connections for VGA/SVGA, mouse and keyboard. The PC operating system can be selected to suit the PC's in use. Connection to a network is not necessary.

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