Digital Multimeter

Product Code: LM2105

Digital Multimeter

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Digital Multimeter
Order No.: LM2105

Digital hand-held multimeter with 3½-digit LCD display (digit height 17-mm). This measurement device is suitable for measuring alternating and direct voltages, alternating and direct currents and resistances. The multimeter is protected against overloads of up to 2A and is equipped with an electronic fuse.

  • Resistance: 0.1Ohm...2MOhm
  • Direct voltage: 1mV...1000V
  • Alternating voltage: 1mV...750V
  • Direct current: 1uA...10A
  • Alternating current: 1uA...10A
  • Measurement terminals: 4mm safety sockets
  • Power supply: 9V compound battery (IEC6F22)
  • Dimensions: 162x32x76mm
  • Weight: 0.24kg

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