Field effect transistors

Product Code: SO4204-5K

Field effect transistors

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Course - Electronics 4: Field effect transistors
P/N: SO4204-5K


  • 1 Experiment card with FET circuit built using discrete components, modifiable via 2-mm sockets
  • CD-ROM with Labsoft browser and course software

Course contents

  • Introduction to the design and function of an FET
  • Names for the connections to an FET
  • Explanation of the terms n-channel and p-channel
  • Investigating gain of an FET in common source and common drain circuits by measurement
  • Investigation of an FET with DC and AC negative feedback
  • Comparison of the electrical properties of bipolar transistor and FET circuits
  • Fault simulation (3 simulated faults activated by relay)
  • Course duration 1.5 h approx. (fault finding 30 mins approx.)


Field effect transistor

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