Industrial Process Control Rig

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Industrial Process Control Rig

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Technical Description
This completely self-contained rig facilitates comprehensive experiments from the areas of process control and control systems. Using the rig, all aspects of level, flow and temperature controls can be studied. Cascade controls can also be investigated. Additionally, it is possible to simulate and find six different faults. The core of the system is a digital universal controller. Its function, parameter settings and optimisation are studied in detail. The rig is assembled exclusively from industrial components and includes a programmable logic controller suitable for numerous applications. The unit also facilitates the visualisation of the process. The visualisation is realised using a PC and software (PC available as accessory).

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Introduction to digital universal controllers
- Layout, operation, parameter setting
- Controller adjustment according to ZIEGLER-NICHOLS
- Assessment of control quality
· Liquid-level control
· Flow control
· Temperature control
· Cascade control, level/flow
· Cascade control, temperature/flow
· Fault circuits

Real control processes using the parameters level, flow and temperature
Programmable logic controller (PLC)
Usage of industrial components
Process visualization software
[1] Mobile laboratory rig for experiments on the basics of control and regulation
[2] Flow temperature and level control loops, cascade control
[3] Simulation of 6 system faults
[4] 2 digital universal controllers
[5] Integrated PLC with PC interface
[6] Process tank volume 7ltr
[7] Main pump + 2 auxiliary pumps
[8] 2kW Pneumatically operated control valve
[9] Level measurement using pressure sensor
[10] Plate heat exchanger
[11] Electrical heater
[12] PC data acquisition runs under Windows NT/2000/XP
[13] 230V, 50/60Hz; 1ph. or 230V, 60Hz, 3ph.; compressed air 3...8bar

Technical Data
Main pump: 0.37kW, max. head: 20m, max. flow rate: 3600ltr/h
Circulating pumps: 25...60W
Electrical agitator: 110rpm
Measuring ranges: flow rate: 0...1999ltr/min, level: 0...100mbar; temperature: 100...199.9°C
System requirements: PC with Pentium III 600MHz, 1 PCI slot, free, 100MB free hard disc space, graphics card resolution (1024x768 pixel, true color)

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 1950 x 800 x 1350 mm
Weight : approx. 245 kg

230V, 50/60Hz; 1ph. or 230V, 60Hz, 3ph.
Compressed air: 3...8bar

Scope of Delivery
1 rig, 2 universal controllers, 1 data acquisition card, 1 software, 1 instruction manual

Order Details
080.58000 RT 580 Industrial Process Control Rig
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