Magnetics System 1

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Magnetics System 1

Magnetics System 1 Magnetics System 1

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A basic introductory system to study the magnetism produced by various permanent magnets

The Magnetics System 1 permits the demonstration of the characteristics of various shaped magnets. In this system we study basic magnetic flux lines (of various shaped permanent magnets in 2D and 3D), deflection of a magnetic needle, compasses, magnetic dipoles, magnetic hysteresis, eddy currents, Earth’s magnet etc.

Laws and principles investigated
• Ampčre’s Equivalence Theorem
• Attractive – Repulsive magnetic forces
• Biot and Savart laws
• Earth’s magnetic field
• Eddy currents
• Faraday’s Law
• Image charge method
• Lenz law
• Magnetic dipole and its interactions
• Magnetic dipole vs. magnetic monopole
• Magnetic field
• Magnetic force
• Magnetic hysteresis
• Magnetic moment
• Magnetic moment determination
• Magnetisation and demagnetisation of steel and iron
• Magnetic and Electrostatic Mapping
• Ohm’s law
• Skin effect

List of the experiments detailed in the instruction manual
• Magnetic field lines in 2D and 3D
• Deflection of a magnetic needle
• Compasses
• Magnetic dipole interactions
• Magnetic hysteresis of a steel bar
• Eddy currents in an aluminium tube
• The Earth’s magnetic field

Dim.: 50x42x12 cm
Weight.: 4 kg

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