Surge Tank and Water Hammer Unit

Product Code: HM 156

Surge Tank and Water Hammer Unit

Surge Tank and Water Hammer Unit

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Technical Description
Pressure surges in pipes or structures carrying water are a technical problem that should not be underestimated. In the majority of cases reservoirs have a surge chamber to trap pressure surges caused by a change in the flow speed of the water. Pipe systems must, in turn, be so designed that the pressure surges occurring there (caused, e.g., by the sudden closing of a valve) can be survived without damage. Pressure surges can be generated in a pipe on the HM 156. The oscillations during this pressure surge are displayed on a storage oscilloscope available as an optional extra. In addition, it is also possible to display the decay of a pressure surge in a surge chamber. The pressure oscillations in the surge chamber are recorded using a recorder module (accessory HM 156.01).

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Pressure surges in a pipe
· Principle of operation of a surge chamber
· Calculation of the speed of sound in the pipe (with oscilloscope available as an option)

Principle of operation of a surge chamber
Generation of pressure surges
Determination of the speed of sound in the pipe
[1] System for the demonstration of pressure surges and the principle of operation of a surge chamber
[2] lxwxh 4550x760x2100mm, 195kg
[3] HM 150 Basic Hydraulics Bench
[4] Experimental pipe sections made of stainless steel
[5] Surge chamber made of Plexiglass
[6] Supply tank 50ltr
[7] 230V, ~50Hz

Technical Data
HM 150: supply tank 180ltr,
Pump Qmax=5.7m³/h, max. 12.5m head
Experimental pipe sections:
di=22mm, length approx. 3m
Pressure surge pipe section:
2 integrated pressure sensors (0...16bar abs.),
Distance between the sensors 1.55m
Surge chamber: 825mm high, di=50mm
Distance tank/surge chamber 3.75m
Pressure sensor 0...0.3bar
Solenoid valve: closing time 20...30ms
Supply tank: 50ltr

Dimensions and Weight
lxwxh : 4550 x 760 x 2100 mm
Weight : approx. 195 kg

230V, ~50Hz

Scope of Delivery
1 demonstrator, complete with HM 150, 1 instruction manual

Order Details
070.15600 HM 156 Surge Tank and Water Hammer Unit
Available accessories
HM 156.01 -- One Channel Chart Recorder

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