Temperature Control Apparatus with Experimental Panels

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Temperature Control Apparatus with Experimental Panels

Temperature Control Apparatus with Experimental Panels

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Technical Description
This instructional system is used to examine a simple temperature control unit. It consists of clearly arranged modular experimental panels which are suspended in a frame and connected with cables. A soldering iron equipped with a thermal element is used as the temperature control system. The temperature can be read on a digital display with a measuring transducer. The system includes a digital industrial controller which can be configured continuously as P, PD, PI and PID controller. It is possible to also use it as a two-point controller. The manipulated value can be indicated on a bar diagram. An electronic power control completes the system. The student has the opportunity to get familiar with the components of a control circuit, to interconnect them and vary their parameters. All components are of a sturdy design and therefore well suited for student experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Familiarisation with elements of a control system
· Open and closed loop
· Layout of control circuits
· Comparison of different types of controller
- P, PD, PI and PID controllers
- Discontinuous two-point controller

System to control temperature on clearly arranged modular experimental panels
Equipped with a digital industrial controller
Use of a soldering iron as heating element for practice oriented experiments
Digital and bar displays available for controlled values
[1] Benchtop system consisting of clearly arranged experimental panels to study a simple temperature control system
[2] Common soldering iron used as temperature control system, max. 16W
[3] Digital industrial controller with standard input and output signals, configurable as P, PI, PD and PID controller, operating modes as two-point controller or continuous controller
[4] Thermocouple type K, 0...400°C, 0...10VDC
[5] LED digital display 3 1/2-digits
[6] LED bar display for temperature
[7] Sturdy table frame for suspending the boards

Technical Data
Temperature control system
Heat source: soldering iron, max. 16W
Thermocouple type K: 0...400°C, signal
output 0...10V DC
Displays: LED digital display, 3 1/2-digit, LED bar display
Controller operating modes: continuous control, two-point control
Controller types: P, PI, PD and PID controllers, configurable

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 700 x 350 x 700 mm
Weight : approx. 38 kg

230V, ~50Hz

Scope of Delivery
5 experimental panels containing the following:
1 digital controller, 1 soldering iron as heating element, 1 actuator, 1 digital display, 1 bar display, 1 frame for suspending the experimental panels, 1 instruction manual

Order Details
080.20000 RT 200 Temperature Control Apparatus w. Experimental Panels
Available accessories
RT 200.01 -- Two-Channel Chart Recorder

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