Tubular Flow Reactor

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Tubular Flow Reactor

Tubular Flow Reactor

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Technical Description
The influence of the reaction temperature and contact time between two reactants in a chemical reaction on the resulting substance conversion can be investigated in this tubular flow reactor. The dimensions of the free-standing unit have been chosen in a way that the unit can be used in laboratories; still, the principles of industrial plants are still recognizable. Two liquid chemicals are continuously pumped through a coiled reaction tube where they react. The tube is placed in a water bath that can be heated, the reaction can take place at varying temperatures. The flow rate of the chemicals can be separately adjusted using two independent pumps. Varying the flow rate changes the time taken to pass through the tube and thus results in different periods of contact between the reactants. The product of the reaction is collected at the outlet and can be further analysed.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Saponification of ethyl acetate with sodium hydroxide
- Variation of the reaction temperature
- Variation of the contact time
· Tubular flow experiment

Demonstration of the influence of temperature and contact time on chemical reactions
Reactor made of coiled, chemically resistant plastic tube
Heater bath made of transparent plastic
Strong steel tube support
[1] Tubular flow reactor to study a chemical reaction at varying temperature
[2] Saponification of ethyl acetate/ sodium hydroxide
[3] Heater temperature max. 80°C, continuously adjustable, electronically controlled
[4] Water bath, transparent plastic
[5] Reaction tube, chemically-resistant PA, reactor volume 475ml, tube length 20m
[6] Flowmeter 20...340ml/min
[7] Electrical agitator and metering pumps
[8] Resistant collecting tank approx. 50ltr
[9] 230V,~ 50Hz
[10] Strong steel tube support

Technical Data
Heater temperature: max. 80°C, continuously adjustable
Heater rating: approx. 2.5 kW
Length of the reaction section: 20m
Reactor volume: approx. 475ml
Flow meter: 20...340ml/min
Chemical tank capacities: 20ltr
Collecting tank capacity: approx. 50ltr
Chemicals: NaOH 2.3%, ethyl acetate 5%

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 1200 x 600 x 1050 mm
Weight : approx. 100 kg

230V, ~50Hz, approx. 2.6kW

Scope of Delivery
1 reactor, complete, 1 instruction manual

Order Details
083.10000 CE 100 Tubular Flow Reactor
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