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Equilibrium in a Single Plane, Statically Determinate System
Equilibrium of Moments on a Two-Arm Lever
Forces in a Crane Jib
Forces in a Simple Bar Structure
Fundamentals of Statics
Supplementary Kit Inclined Plane and Friction
Supplementary Set - Pulley Blocks
Supplementary Set Gear Systems
Bearing Friction
Dry Friction
Friction on Inclined Plane
Fundamentals of Mechanical Friction
Forces in a Howe Truss
Forces in an Overdeterminate Truss
Forces in Various Single Plane Trusses
Truss Beam: Warren Girder
Experimental Set Parabolic Arch
Forces on a Suspension Bridge
Lines of Influence on the Gerber Beam
Three-Hinged Arch
Beam on 2 Supports: Shear Force & Bending Moment Diagrams
Beam on Two Supports: Bending Moment Diagram
Beam on Two Supports: Shear Force Diagram
Cable under Dead-Weight
Determining the Gauge Factor of Strain Gauges
Multi Channel Measuring Amplifier
Photoelastic Demonstration
Photoelastic Experiments with a Transmission Polariscope
Strain Gauge Application Set
Strain Gauge Training System
Stress and Strain Analysis on a Membrane
Stress and Strain Analysis on a Thick-Walled Cylinder
Stress and Strain Analysis on a Thin-Walled Cylinder
Ackermann Steering Demonstrator
Crank and Connecting Rod Apparatus
Four Bar Chain
Hooke's Coupling Apparatus
Slotted Link Apparatus
Whitworth Quick Return Apparatus
Gear Trains Apparatus
Gear Trains Model
Spur Gear Lifting Apparatus
Wheel and Axle Apparatus
Wheel and Differential Axle Apparatus
Worm and Wheel Apparatus
Centrifugal Force Apparatus
Coriolis Force Demonstrator
Governor Apparatus
Flywheel Apparatus
Inertia in Rotational Motion Apparatus
Rolling Disc on Inclined Plane
Bifilar / Trifilar Suspension Apparatus
Compound Pendulum Apparatus
Experimental Set Free Vibration of a Bar
Free and Damped Torsional Vibrations
Free and Forced Vibration Apparatus
Sensor Supply Module
Torsional Vibration Apparatus
Torsional Vibration Apparatus
Universal Vibration System
Vibration of Spiral Spring Apparatus
Balance of Reciprocating Masses
Critical Speed Investigation Apparatus
Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus
Whirling Shaft Apparatus
Belt Friction Apparatus
Bolt-Locking Devices Kit
Nuts and Bolts Kit
Roller Bearings Kit
Screw Tester
Thread Efficiency Testing Equipment
Thread Types Kit
Corrosion Studies Unit
Experimental Module Block on Ring Friction
Experimental Module Journal Bearing Pressure Distribution
Experimental Module Optical Elastohydrodynamics
Experimental Module Pin on Disc
Experimental Module Rolling / Sliding Disc
Experimental Module Slip / Stick & Friction Vibration
Hertzian Contact Apparatus
Hydrodynamic Bearing Apparatus
Journal Bearing Apparatus
Journal Bearing Friction Apparatus
Tribology Trainer Basic Module
Cam Mechanism
Demonstrator for Lathe Gearing Layout
Gear Assembly Unit: Combined Drives
Gear Assembly Unit: Simple Drives
Gear Assembly Unit: Step and Shift Gears
Apparatus for Determination of Gear Efficiency
Cam Analysis Apparatus
Geared System Apparatus
Two-Stage Epicyclic Gear Apparatus
Universal Drive Unit
Bending Device
Device for Cupping Experiments
Device for Shearing Experiments
Hydraulic Universal Material Tester, 50 kN
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